The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences prepares students for successful careers in Nursing, Healthcare Administration, and Medical Assisting. The Office of Career Services engages students in building a lifelong career development mindset by providing coaching resources on topics including resume writing, interviewing, employer engagement, and networking.

We value our community and employer partnerships and continuously strive to connect students with opportunity. Connect with The Office of Career Services by contacting Victoria Morell – Director, Career Management & Talent Partner (Victoria.Morell@thechristcollege.edu)

Communicate a Career Opportunity


Students actively seek part-time, full-time, shadow, clinical, and internship experiences while attending The Christ College and beyond. To promote a career opportunity to students, please post the position via Handshake. To join Handshake visit: Handshake (joinhandshake.com)

If you are unfamiliar with Handshake, you may email Victoria Morell (Victoria.Morell@thechristcollege.edu) assist in creating your account.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Position Title(s)
  • Link to Position Requisition or HR Contact Information
  • If position requisition is not available, include a brief description of the position(s)
  • Any position requirements such as degree, licensure, special skills, minimum GPA, desired qualities, etc.

Share Digital Content on Campus

Even as we pivot to a hybrid model of learning, several students still attend in-person courses and events on a daily basis. We utilize digital media across campus in common areas and classrooms to promote events, organizations, and assist employers in amplifying their employer brand. To showcase your employer brand to students via digital media platforms, please email Victoria Morell (Victoria.Morell@thechristcollege.edu) with the following information:

  • PowerPoint Slide formatted Widescreen (16:9) with your chosen content. Imagery and minimal text works best
  • If including a link, such as to a position description, shorten the URL or include a contact person/general HR email

Connect with Students via an Employer Engagement Opportunity

Connect with students and build your brand on campus by hosting a virtual or in-person event. Common engagement opportunities include:

  • Career Panels
  • Virtual Employer Tours
  • Information Sessions
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Volunteer Service Learning
  • Customized Employer Engagement – we can collaborate with your team to create personalized student opportunities!

Recruiting Guidelines

The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences is committed to ensuring equal access to employment opportunities for all students. We expect employers’ recruiting practices to be in line with professionally accepted hiring practices, as outlined by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice, the United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines, and The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences Non-Discrimination Statement.

Employers recruiting at The Christ College must have current or anticipated position openings appropriate for college students and graduates. Positions must result in an “employer-employee” relationship requiring the issuance of a W-2 for all remuneration paid and impose no fees (aside from required professional licensure expenses) on the employee. The Christ College does not allow recruiting from Network Marketing Organizations or third-party recruiters who impose a fee on students or do not disclose employer names and opportunities.

The Christ College will allow 1099 Independent Contractor opportunities to be posted for current students and alumni via Handshake, our career management system. 1099 positions must include the disclaimer “This is a 1099 position. Persons paid on a 1099 basis are independent contractors and are self-employed. Independent contractors (you) are required to pay out of your remuneration all self-employment taxes (Social Security & Medicare), income taxes, worker’s disability compensation and health or other insurances. These will NOT be withheld or paid by the client for which you are working. Independent contractors generally do not receive employment benefits from the client or person for which they are working. For more information, please refer to www.irs.gov or talk with a tax professional.”

Please note, Independent Caregivers are considered employees, not 1099 Independent Contractors. Individuals who wish to promote Independent Caregiver opportunities to students and alumni must provide The Christ College with an employment contract and position description in line with United States Department of Labor Homecare Guidelines and the United States Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act to be reviewed by The Christ College prior to promotion.