In the October 2023 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board gave unanimous approval for the College to move forward with our 2024-2027 Strategic Plan. This plan outlines some ambitious goals for us as a College and I am so excited to see us launch these strategies in 2024. Currently, we are working to put together project teams that will work to accomplish each of the initiatives. We intend to have all teams identified by early December and commence work in January.

I also wanted to remind you of the vision statement of this strategic plan. Here is what we presented to both the College and the Board.

  • By the end of 2027, The Christ College will:
    • Elevate its status as a graduate degree-granting institution
    • Expand its enrollment of health science students
    • Build new pathways from high school to career
    • Increase its philanthropic support of students
    • Enhance student experiences and supports
    • Establish its reputation of academic excellence

When I review this vision, I find myself not only nodding along to each bullet point, but I truly believe that each one are achievable goals within the next three years. These goals aren't so large or far-fetched that I worry about our ability to pull them off. Rather, each one is tangible and will make a lasting impact on who we are, what we do, and those we serve.

Thank you all for the input you have provided over the last year as we created, edited, and refined this strategic plan. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!




2024-2027 Strategic Goals.pptx